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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 4, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am EDT

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we were there 2 1/2 days. >> i look at the scale and say oh, no. >> jimmy: you know, we may have to electify your fork. twitter isn't your weight watch diary, right? he feeling the need to share his health with everybody that follows him. after this, he tweeted the letter "m." just the letter "m." . and somehow he got 12 favorites and 17 retweets. what were you trying to say? >> that was my son. i give him the phone so he can leave me alone. >> jimmy: i see. i hope the extra four pounds doesn't affect your endorsement deal with abercrombie & fitch. this is an employee attack co bell who appears to be licking a stack of taco shells. and the photo went viral as they say after the kid posted it on
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his facebook page. taco bell said the picture was taken as part of an internal contest and the shells were thrown away immediately. put that back up for a second. you really have to be careful with something like this. this is very similar to what happened to michael douglas. it isn't? oh. you get that? >> the nba finals are set. san antonio will play miami, although i should have said spoiler alert, i guess. game one is miami on thursday. the heat beat the pacers. are you from indiana? all right, well, it was a great series, except the last game, which wasn't. but i think really what hurt the pacers was justin bieber who was there distracting them, rooting for the heat in one of the most ridiculous outfits ever assembled. sun glasses indoors, bad. gold chains, leather shirt.
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and you can't see, he's wearing leather pants, too. he's dressed like a cute little glove. and that hat, is it my imagination, or is that hat floating above his head? is that how you're supposed to wear hats now? it reminds me of another famous hat aficionado. another young teen idol. even he mad more of a fit. here's a south korean guy who sat down for an interview on tv. he asked something that the greenday front man said about him. and just enjoy watching this unfold. >> billy joe armstrong said you are the herpes of music. you just keep coming back. what do you think about that? >> what is herpe? >> herpes is when you get a sore on your mouth. it's a sexually transmitted infection.
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>> like disease? >> yeah, and it doesn't go away. it fades away for a minute and then pops back up. >> oh. hmm. >> what do you think about that? >> i kind of like it. what's it call, herpe? >> herpes. >> so he's saying i'm like a herpes? >> yeah. like a blister that won't go away. >> i should say something to him. what is his name? >> billy joe armstrong. >> he saying i'm like herpes keep coming back. i think it's really cool and i appreciate that. thank you. >> i don't know. he's polite or a language barrier. we do need to get him on celebrity jeopardy immediately. this is another music note.
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this happened over the weekend at the wichita river festival, a multiday concert they had every year on the arkansas river. a band of young musicians were covering the black sabbath song war pigs. all of a sudden the crowd came to life. ♪ ♪ >> right into the mosh pool. in our last show, a guy rocked so hard he drowned. tiger woods is about to sign
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another big endorsement deal. tiger said to be very close to signing a huge new deal with nike. nike was one of the few sponsors that stuck with him through his lady troubles. at this point, tiger already has more money than he could possibly ever spend. he's excited about this deal in particular, because it brings him something he doesn't have, which is even more money. here's the tape of the new tiger woods ad campaign. ♪
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>> kim kardashian and kanye west are expecting a baby girl. finally a girl kardashian the news was revealed on sunday night premier on "keeping up with the kardashian." do you remember when she said she wanted to become a more private person? that was funny. they went for a check-up and the doctor said he could tell it was a girl right away because she was doing duck leps in the sonogram. the sad part is, you know, when the baby is -- when this baby is born, legally, it belongs to ryan seacrest. they have to .hand it over. he's the producer of her show. and i guess his contract has some kind of rumplestilsken clause. anything having to do with this kardashian baby is big news right now. so we decided to take advantage of that. now, the kid isn't even due until sometime next month. but we went out on to hollywood boulevard today to ask where they were when they found out
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kim kardashian and k ooh nye west had their baby. keep in mind, the baby has not been born. it's impossible to answer it truthfully, but for some reason, people felt the need to answer it anyway. on tonight's edition of "lie witness news." >> where were you when you found out that kim and kanye had their baby. >> i was at home, i think. >> how did you find out? >> twitter. >> who tweeted it? >> everybody. >> where were you when you found out kim and kanye had their baby? >> at home reading the blogs about the outfit kim wore that looks like a couch. >> where did you find out? >> i saw it on the e network with the news going across. >> what do you think about the fact that she gave birth to the baby in a bathtub full of crystal? >> to each his known. >> what do you think of the
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baby's name? kimnye klondike kardashian? >> i think it's perfect. it's with the a k. >> what do you think about the fact that khloe bit off the umbilical cord? >> i heard that cord blood is very healthy. so maybe, you know, it was beneficial. >> are you high? >> yes. very much so. >> the umbilical cord of a cat once. >> why? >> because he was screaming like meow, meow. >> do you find it offputting they already are selling the placenta of a fragrance? >> that's nasty. i didn't know about that. that's nasty. i can understand to keep your hair or nails growing. but as a fragrance, that's
11:44 pm
nasty. >> what do you think about kim claiming to be a virgin? >> no. wrong. >> she's got a sex tape somewhere. >> did you watch it? if we found it for you, would you want to watch it? >> yeah. >> can't see. >> oh, yeah, she's licking something. >> do you want to watch more? >> no, that's good. >> jimmy: all right, we're going to take a break. when we come back, when we come back, i will update you on the ongoing crack controversy surrounding the mayor of toronto. plus amy adams, dave franco and are coming up. what's better, saving a bunch or not saving at all? [ kids ] a bunch! what would you buy with all this money you saved? i'd buy a change-o machine
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>> jimmy:i >> jimmy: i feel like it's my duty to give you an update on last night's show of "the bachelorette." i'm amazed by how often the word amazing is used. hundreds maybe even thousand of times now. i think well, that's it. it's over. they have to be aware of the fact that they're saying amazing and eventually they're going to stop, right? well, let's go to the tote board. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. >> the city looks amazing. >> it's all been amazing.
11:50 pm
>> they all did an amazing job. >> i have this amazing family. >> it's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> amazing wave. >> that was amazing. >> so amazinamazing. >> this is amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> this is amazing. >> she looks amazing. the car looks amazing. right then i knew that i would like to have an amazing date. a new record. 33. and they edited the show which means they're cutting a lot of amazings out. it's amazing. technology news, have you heard of google glass. these are google glasses that allow you to see your computer screen while you're walking around. they're expected to be released late next year or early this year. they're already creating apps for them. google has already officially
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banned one of the app subpoena it allows you to watch sexually explicit material. you can't even buy these glasses an already google has to ban us it's like dominos saying they don't want people to use their products to eat pizza. that's why it's there. you're already named after the sound of an erection, go for it. i got a video today. this took place outside a penitentiary in br zil. apparently they're not the friendly kind of sheep that put you to sleep. watch this. this is good.
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>> jimmy: i don't know if he thinks it's another sheep or what. this woman is very calm. just kind of swats the sheep away. >> now the husband is mad. he's got a standoff going. it has a bell, by the way, which means it's someone's pet. get12 get out of here, you. i'm not going anywhere. wow. to be killed by a sheep, that would be a hell of a way to go. meanwhile, in canada, i am absolutely in love with the mayor of toronto.
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toronto mayor rob ford, two reporters from the local newspaper, "toronto star," reputable reporters say they saw a video of a man who appears to be mayor ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. a member of his staff resigned last week, but mayor ford has a good spin on this. mayor ford said he said anytime you get toronto on the map. by the way, this is the map he was referring to. sfis in which the mayor has been accused of smoking crack map. you've got washington, d.c. with mayor marion barry. toronto with mayor rob ford. and that's it. despite all the controversy, he
11:54 pm
refuses to resign. he said he's hard at work for the people of toronto. incredibly heart of work. he has not stopped working for the last 79 hours in a row. and it seems like he actually believes the attention toronto is getting as a result of this mess will be good for tourism there. >> hi. i'm rob ford, mayor of toronto. the most exciting city in the world. did you know that toronto is north america's fifth largest city? well now you do. over 50 hockey rings and the hockey hall of fame. he shoots, he scores! take a ride to the top, you'll be so high! we have a bustling night life. no wonder that call toronto the city that never sleeps. oh, we've got zoos.
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oh. if you need a crack nap, just sidle up to one of the many dumpsters. no, seriously. what the [ bleep ] is this. it looks like crack. it's amazing! come here, baby! >> this message brought to you by the toronto board of tourism. this is toronto. >> tonight dave franco is here. we have music from lady antebellu. and we'll be right back with lois lane herself, amy adams, so hang out. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what do women want?
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program -- he has a new movie called "now you see me." dave franco is here. and then, with music from this new album -- called "golden,"
12:01 am
lady antebellum from the sony outdoor stage. and a quick programming note. we have two new shows for you on thursday. watch us in primetime thursday night for jimmy kimmel live game night. our guest will be will smith and 2-year-old basketball phenom "trick-shot titus" will face off against the great free throw shooter shaquille o'neal. [ laughter ] you can see that before game one of the nba finals eastern and central time -- and after game one on the west coast. i know it's confusing but figure it ute. and then - at our regular time, we'll be joined by jonah hill, i'll take on our new national spelling bee champ, and we'll have music from the lonely island with alanis morissette. our first guest is a multi-oscar and golden globe nominated actress who plays one of the great alliteratively-named comic characters of all time. she is lois lane in the much-anticipated 2d, 3d and imax "man of steel." it opens in theaters june 14th. please welcome amy adams.
12:02 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? you look great. >> you look really good, too. i like it. >> jimmy: like the beard? i have a theory that america doesn't trust people with beards, except in winter. >> really? is. >> jimmy: how are you? there have been superman fans camped out outside the theatre since this morning. >> wow, that's awesome. >> jimmy: they haven't even seen you in the movie and they've already grabbed on to you and they will never, ever let you go. >> never. it's cool. i think henry is in for it. because he's really something. >> jimmy: yes, he is. he's -- he's a very muscular guy. he must work out or something. >> he must. or eat right, one of the two. >> jimmy: lois lane, that must be exciting to be lois lane. i would like to be lois lane and
12:03 am
i'm not even a woman. >> you could probably pull it off. get a wig. >> jimmy: you think so? maybe in the next reboot. >> you can be my like bizarro lois lane. >> jimmy: there you go. that would be bizarro indeed. you were work on the movie "the master" right before superman. >> it was a really quick turnover, a matter of days. i don't know how many of you have seen "the master." it's quiet and intense and then i'm being dangled -- held by superman and he's -- we're dangling over a corn field being dropped 40 feet. >> jimmy: i like how you say dangled. superman doesn't really -- or maybe he doesn't dangle. i'm not sure. >> i love that. you're right. >> jimmy: is it fun being on one of those? it seems like it would be the worst thing in the world hanging on one of those wires while
12:04 am
acting. >> you know what, i actually loved it, it's really weird when you're just getting to know somebody. i didn't know henry well. i'm strapped to him. so, how's it going? it's really nice to meet you. you look good in the suit. what do you say? >> jimmy: your first day together you're dangling? that's weird. you think you would ease into it. >> the girls are like hard day's work. >> jimmy: you go on vacation now? >> no. i'm working up in vancouver. i don't seem to ever take vacations. so i was like i know, i'll road trip up to vancouver. >> jimmy: guillermo and i had a big golf weekend in vancouver. >> i heard that. >> jimmy: inside joke. >> i heard about your golf weekend. >> jimmy: you're going to be shooting there? >> i thought isle just road trip up there. >> jimmy: with the family. how old is your daughter? >> my daughter is 3.
12:05 am
i probably won't do that. >> jimmy: that sounds like a terrible plan. >> but i love road trips. >> jimmy: is she a good traveler? >> she is a good traveler. she's really good. but i mean -- >> jimmy: i remember driving from my daughter a little younger than that. phoenix to palm springs and i was almost crying. >> jimmy: kids nownowadays, the have all these gadgets and gizmos. >> jimmy: that is true. >> you had to stare at your siblings and try not to kill th. >> you have a big family, right? >> one of seven. >> jimmy: could you ever goo oa car trip together? >> that was the only way we could go together. >> jimmy: you had a van? >> a ford economy line. then a subaru station wagon. we would be unrestrained. i'm always throwing my parents under the bus.
12:06 am
there were seven of us unrestrained and, like -- >> jimmy: because they literally threw you under the bus. no seat belts, none of that. >> it used to be a real thing to see who could ride in the back of the station wagon, unrestrained in the back of the station wagon. >> jimmy: we had that, too. but i'm quite a bit older than you. your parents should be incarcerat incarcerated. you worked at hooters after high school? >> i did. as you can see a natural fit. i did my best. >> jimmy: where? >> downtown denver. i started out as a hostess. a really nice golf hostess. i'm so nice. this is great. this is summer. i'm in shorts. i'm working in the big city. >> jimmy: big vats of oil bubbling around me. >> but the wings are so good. >> jimmy: do you ever go in
12:07 am
there still? >> no, but i've had people get takeout wings for me. >> jimmy: you're worried they won't release you this time. what does your dad think about the fact that you worked at hooters? >> you know, i didn't really care. is that horrible? everyone knows and laughs. ewww. you didn't care. no, it was -- because i was a dancer -- let me explain. i was a ballet dancer and, like, if you go on stage in leotards and tights. so i wasn't a -- i wasn't a rowdy child. nobody was really worried. they were just happy i was earning money to buy my own car not hitting them up. >> jimmy: a car with a seat belt. a chevy citation. we're going to take a break. when we come back, we're going to see a clip from "man of steel" the new superman movie. >> jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by
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>> on my world it it's not an "s." on my world it means hope. >> well, here it's an "s."
12:14 am
how about -- >> jimmy: that is "man of steel." boy, right at the beginning of the movie, henry has no shirt on and even i was swooning, i have to tell you. >> yeah. my 3-year-old daughter was swooning. >> jimmy: was she really? >> i think it's her first crush. which is really cute. because my first crush was superman as well. >> jimmy: which superman? >> christopher reeves. >> jimmy: that was your first cru crush. my daughter's first crush was tom welling who played superman on "smallville." >> i had a crush on him as well. >> jimmy: you have a thing about
12:15 am
superman in general. >> i do. >> jimmy: it is like semifanatic semifanatical. >> yeah. it's really cool. it's overwhelming to kind of step into something like that. but yeah, the people do know that i was on "smallville." because the people who know superman really follow. but i watched all of that stuff, too. >> you could actually stalk kwours in a way. >> i do stalk me. >> jimmy: stand in line for your own autograph at a superman autograph show. >> and then say no to myself and walk off. >> jimmy: well, it's great to see you. the movie is going to be a huge blockbuster hit. it's a lot of fun to watch. it's called "man of steel" opens in theatres june 14. amy adams, everybody. we'll be right back with dave franco. ♪
12:16 am
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>> jimmy: our next guest comes from one of those families where if you're not a movie star -- they kick you out. you know him from "21 jump street" and "warm bodies." his latest is the magic caper "now you see me," which is in theaters now. please welcome dave franco. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:22 am
>> jimmy: how are you doing? >> good, man. your brother james has been here several times. you have an unusual family. is that fa ir to say? >> yeah, you can imagine. we have a strange artsy family. and, for example, you know, every holiday season we tend to have new family traditions. there was a period we all took swing dance lessons together. in recent years we've all gone christmas carrolling. and so this -- >> jimmy: that's not too -- well, i guess it is a little weird. >> yeah, it's strange. trust me. so the most recent holiday season, i remember coming home one night and i found my family in the living room sitting in a circle waiting for me. and i remember thinking this is ominous. and i was right. because what was going on is my mom had decided that western all going to perform a one-act play
12:23 am
for no one, just us. no audience. and how it worked is we would pair off and each pair was going to read a part of the play and pass it on. so my partner was my 90-year-old grandmother. >> jimmy: your grandma has been here on the show. >> yeah, mitz the vitz. >> i would say the one line from the play that still resonates with me six months after the fact is when my grandmother's character says to mine, i know you're here just because you want to [ bleep ] me. >> jimmy: what! >> that's christmas with the francos. >> jimmy: who wrote this play? >> it was a david ives play. it was an interesting choice to do this play, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: and again this is christmas time? >> right, right. happiest time of the year.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: what the hell is going on. >> jimmy: your brother brought your grandmother here to the show. >> she lives in cleveland, ohio, she's a 4r0e8 celebrity. she was on the oscars. they gave her a line about marky mark. she's the greatest. >> jimmy: i'm still recovering from the line that she got from your mother. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: your mother is an actor as well. >> yeah, she wanted to find a way to relate to us. so she started taking drama classes at stanford university at palo alto where we grew up. so it was really sweet. >> jimmy: i would be horrified by that. mom, get out of my life! >> i dpid the opposite. i actually -- i asked her to be in one of my shorts that i do for the website >> jimmy: you asked your mother to be in your shorts?
12:25 am
>> yeah, yeah. hear my out. so if you're aware of any of the work i do on that website, you know that it's my -- my stuff is -- it was definitely a choice. this particular video is would you rather. the twist is whatever new option you decide, it magically comes true. >> jimmy: i can't even imagine where you're headed with this. so my friend in the video, the two options she presented to me are would you rather watch your parents have sex -- but it was a lot more graphic than that, or would you rather manipulate yourself while your mother watches you do that. are you with me? >> jimmy: hold on. let me see if i can piece this together. >> so my character chooses the second option which magically
12:26 am
comes true. and yeah, i flew my mother down to l.a. to film that scene with me. >> jimmy: did you tell her beforehand what it was going to be? >> well, i called her up and i gave her the pitch and kind of went through the details of the scene. and there was kind of an eight-second pause on the end of her line and finally she was like yeah, that sounds fun. i was like all right, that's definitely a strong word for this situation, but let's do this. >> i don't know if she was aware of this, but i had a little bit to drink before that scene. >> jimmy: i would think so. and you're method, right? so you have to go all the way with this? >> yeah. yep. >> jimmy: that's a joke. it's a big hit. it's a big deal, right? you're like a tough magician? >> yeah, i guess for me, tough. yeah.
12:27 am
i fight mark ruffalo. i'm not the most physically intimidating man in the world. i grew up on the mean streets of palo alto. so believe it or not, i've never been in a real fight before. this is the most real fight i've ever been in. it's all technically fake, but you're still wrestling and rolling around and getting bruised up. and i guess i can talk away from the whole experience and say not only did i win my first fight, but i kicked the hulk's ass. >> jimmy: you did? there you go. [ applause ] >> yeah! >> jimmy: member of the very sick franco family. his movie is called "now you see me." thank you. we'll be right back with music from lady antebellum.
12:28 am
>> portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by the movie "the internship" starring vince vaughn and owen wilson on friday. go to miller time
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have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments.
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just a click away on >> jimmy: their new album, "golden," is out now. here with the song, "goodbye town," lady antebellum. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ right there's the high school where we met we'd sneak out back ♪ ♪ for a couple kisses and a cigarette and that parking lot ♪ ♪ was our first date and her momma slammed the
12:31 am
door when i dropped her off too late ♪ ♪ she's gone chasing that highway wind she's gone ♪ ♪ she ain't coming back again ♪ ♪ this ain't nothing nothing but a goodbye town these streets are only bringing me down ♪ ♪ gotta find a way to finally get out out of this goodbye town ♪ ♪ we sat down on those courthouse steps fourth of july those fireworks ♪ ♪ over our heads and they'd ring the bells of that little church ♪ ♪ no there ain't nowhere i can look that doesn't hurt ♪ ♪ she's gone but i still feel
12:32 am
her on my skin ♪ ♪ she's gone but she ain't coming back again ♪ ♪ this ain't nothing nothing but a goodbye town these streets are only bringing me down ♪ ♪ gotta find a way to finally get out out of this goodbye town ♪ ♪ i can't erase the memories and i can't burn the whole place down ♪ ♪ no this ain't nothing nothing but a goodbye town to hell if i'm sticking around ♪ ♪ gotta find a way to finally get out out of this goodbye town
12:33 am
oh - yeah ♪ ♪ out of this goodbye town i'm out of this town so out of this town ♪ ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh whoa oh oh-oh-oh-oh-oh whoa oh ♪ ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh whoa oh
12:34 am
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh whoa oh ♪ ♪ you'll be just a memory in the back of my mind you'll be just a memory ♪ ♪ yeah oh, somewhere in the back of my mind ♪ ♪ in the back of my mind yeah one day you're gonna look back at what we had ♪ ♪ you're gonna think of me you're gonna think of me when i'm long gone i'll be long gone ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank amy adams, dave franco. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. thanks for watching. good night.


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